What Is Cold Pressed Oil ?

Which one Should I Use, Hot or Cold Pressed?

In our daily life, the most common edible oil we use is hot pressed oil. But recent years with the people’s improved living standard, cold pressed oil become more and more popular.

Just as the name implies, cold pressing means pressing under low temperature While hot pressing is pressing under high temperature. The cold pressing of oil seeds does not need any pre-conditioning of the input material, which is pressed directly at room temperature. The oil temperature is low(must below 49℃), and the acid value is also relatively low. So there is no need to refine. We should get the oil products after precipitation and filtration.

 To be frank, cold pressing oil is more safe and nutrient. It could avoid the adverse effects caused by traditional high temperature, retain the physiological active substance and its original taste and flavor. It is a pretty good choice for healthy life.

Compared with the cold pressed oil, hot pressed oil will lose some nutrients after high temperature processing. Cold pressed oil is nice and light in color. There is no foam when frying. Recent years, people have larger demand for healthiness and quality so the cold pressed oil is becoming more and more favored. It doesn’t destroy the cell of the grease and linoleic acid tissue, and is more green and healthy.

During cold extraction, ripe fruit or seeds are ground to a paste which is fed into a grinder. As 10 to 15 % of oil will remain in the press cake after milling, this procedure is quite expensive.

to normal and controlling the blood sugar level.

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With 8 Health Benefits

Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is made from pressing the seeds of a mustard plant to produce a spicy oil. Mustard oil is popular in Eastern cooking, although some American chefs have begun experimenting with the oil, which has a heat and distinctive flavor to it.

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is a light, nutritious oil obtained from sesame seeds. It has got lots of uses and health benefits. Sesame oil was widely used back then for alleviating the body from various diseases and conditions.Sesame oil can help one achieve flawless skin, healthy hair and radiant health from the inside out.

Peanut Oil

Peanut oil has got such properties which can really surprise anyone. People who study nutrition are often amazed at what peanut oil can do for a person’ health. Peanut oil is good for the heart, as found in some studies on this oil. Peanut oil should be your oil of choice for frying and high temperature cooking.

8 Incredible Mustard Oil Benefits

1. Natural sunscreen

2. Because of mustard seed oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, it may help your hair grow and become healthier. It also prevents hair fall and premature greying of hair.

3. Increases your appetite.

4. It lowers bad cholesterol in the body and promotes heart health.

5. It keeps a check on blood fat levels and helping in circulation.

6. Mustard oil helps in clearing the congestion in the throat and chest when one is suffering from severe cold and cough and for those who suffer from asthma or sinusitis, mustard oil is one ‘wonder oil’.

7. It removes dark spots.

8. Cures aches and pains.

8 Incredible Sesame Oil Benefits

1. Sesame oil has traditionally been used to improve the health of hair. It can help to retain the natural hair color and also minimize hair loss.

2. It controls blood pressure.

3. Helps to prevent diabetes.

4. Protects from heart deases.

5. It can help increase the rate of bone growth and development, as well as speed up any healing or regrowth of bones as well.

6. As you get older, sesame oil can help you avoid osteoporosis and various other age-related weaknesses of the bones.

7. It can increase skin elasticity and smoothness, helping to reduce the appearance of age spots and eliminate skin conditions, including premature aging.

8. Boosting Digestive Health, Relieving Constipation.

8 Incredible Mustard Oil Benefits

1. Peanut oil can actually reduce your current levels of cholesterol due to the presence of plant sterols.

2. It helps to scrape off and reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and lower your chances of coronary heart disease and strokes.

3. It has high levels of polyphenol antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals, which cause chronic diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

4. It helps to decrease blood pressure, which reduces stress on the cardiovascular system.

5. Free radicals are responsible for the breakdown of neural pathways in the brain, so antioxidants like resveratrol can slow or stop that process very effectively.

6. Peanut oil particularly important in the maintenance and health of the skin, protecting it from the effects of free radicals that cause wrinkles, blemishes, and other signs of premature aging. The vitamin E in peanut oil will keep your skin looking young and healthy as you get older.

7. Peanut oil is a very rich source of protein. It should be consumed in a moderate amount daily for building muscles and for body strengthening.

8. Diabetics are advised to use peanut oil on regular basis in order to improve their body’s insulin level. It also effective in lowering the blood glucose levels to normal and controlling the blood sugar level.